This addresses peace with others.

                When we say, “I love you,”…what do we mean?

                I like you?

                I enjoy being with you?

                I want you?

                I support you from a distance?

                I support you up close?

                I will serve you?

                I will sacrifice for you?

                I will stick with you?

                I agree with you?

                I disagree with you, but still like you?

                Actually, I want to use you?

                Actually, I’m stuck with you and have to get along with you?

                Well, we’re blood related, so why not?

                Ok, our conversation’s ending and I’m leaving so…good-bye?

                I heard these words in a movie once?

                I don’t actually mean anything, it just sounds pretty?

                I love the idea of love? 

                I like feeling like I’m doing some good?

                I don’t want to be alone?

                I know you need to hear these words?


                Only three words.

                Clearly…clarity is a bit scarce.  These common words may be spoken…or heard…with purity or ambiguity.  They may be empowering or harming or confusing. 

                There is risk in saying, “I love you.”

                And yet…

                …these are the words our deepest souls most long to hear, most long to see lived out.

                These are the words that heal, that bring life.

                So then…

                …why are these words the most awkward to say? 

                …why are they the hardest to show?

                When it comes to love…what are we afraid of?