I think this writer has some really good points! We were made to have feelings. We must be in touch with our feelings.


I continue to explore the issue of an emotional vocabulary. Most recently I was watching a history of man on the Discovery Channel in which the issue of language was discussed.  I was taken back to how humans use language to communicate with self and the world and more specifically the development of an emotional vocabulary.

Without self talk humans cannot fully appreciate their own emotional space. Without a strong emotional vocabulary when we are impacted by the world, all that is felt is that undifferentiated “gut feeling” that may be described as feeling good or bad. This description of our emotions however is not enough to understand and meet our emotional needs.

Building an emotional vocabulary is the first step to understanding your emotional world, meeting the specific emotional need and hence controlling anger. Anger is often the result of unmet needs but to meet theses needs we…

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