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We have all received an inheritance from our parents and our ancestors. That inheritance is how they perceived the world and how they conditioned us to see it. Such an inheritance is priceless, but also highly subject to corruption. They saw “in a glass dimly” and taught us to see the same way. We see in the same glass the same dim and we will teach our children the same sort of sight.

But this is not an absolute necessity. We do not need to continue in all the same conditioning we received from our parents and ancestors. Slowly by slowly, thought by  thought, our minds can be re-conditioned.

This is an active process of catching thoughts, stopping them, interrupting them, then closely examining them.

This is a questioning process. Asking why is essential. Asking what you are certain of and how is crucial to growth. Exploring the Truth and its source makes it possible.

This is meant to be a supported process. We learn best in community when we can learn to articulate our thoughts to others. When we can learn to hear their words and ideas and have our thoughts challenged. In togetherness, we help each other re-shape our thoughts.

But this is all methodology.

The first step is awareness.

Then desire.

Are you aware of how your perception of truth has been corrupted by those who came before you?

Are you interested in working to change  that?