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A text screen isn’t very big and you only have so many characters, so whatever you have to say, you make it brief. No, this doesn’t mean you should save deep and important conversations for other venues, jst mke sure u abbrvi8 all ur wrds or only use da verbs!


Ever have those days when you want to connect with lots of people? Like Holidays? Those are they days when you feel like you should acknowledge all your friends, and Facebook is so impersonal, so you decide to go with phone contact. But since you run the risk of any or all of your friends actually wanting to talk with you, and who knows HOW much time THAT would take, you can send them a text message! What’s more, since you’d probably tell them all the same thing anyway, you can send a generic group text saying, “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy New Year!! J” to everyone, all at once! Friendships enriched, time saved, problem solved.

No Body Language

93% of communication is non-verbal, through eye contact, voice tone, rate of speech and all around body language. But with a text, you don’t have to deal with any of that! You can get right to what you want to say with no distractions! More than that, when you read a text, all you have to pay attention to is the words on your little screen because nothing else goes through.

No Awkwardness

Face to face conversation is awkward because of that pesky body language and those troubling para-verbals. You can actually see people’s feelings and how they’re responding to what you say, especially if you’re being rude or insensitive. And who wants to do that? With just a few quick texts, some without fully spelled out words, you can get your thoughts out without having to deal with other people’s emotions!

No Need for Thought

When you send multiple texts back and forth, you can call that a full conversation. And you can now store a written record of your conversation in your phone! You can keep a record of all your conversations with all your contacts! This means you don’t really need to pay attention to what’s being said because you can always just look back over what the other person’s been saying. So all that energy and focus you used to put into active listening when talking with a person voice to voice or face to face? Completely unnecessary!

No Responsibility

In a text you can say anything and not see the person’s face or hear their voice. What’s more, you don’t have to have the whole conversation at once, if you decide to finish it at all! You can carry on a conversation or even an argument in between errands, bathroom breaks, meals and other conversations. And when it’s done, or if the person says something you don’t like, there’s the handy dandy “Delete Multiple Texts” feature.


Texting is silent and private. No sound while you glance down at your hand held device. This means you can text in class, at work, in church, at dinner parties, or even dates. In other words, with the wonder of texting at your finger tips, you can escape the actual face to face conversation in front of you and communicate with someone vastly more interesting.