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The Toilet Paper Aisle

Toilet Paper Aisle

Twelve or twenty-four pack? Extra soft or regular for eighty cents less? What brand?


This one actually does give me a head ache. Just like the toothpaste aisle. And greeting cards. And goodness, vending machines give me anxiety attacks!




The Worst Latte Ever


Latte 0708_2

“I ordered my latte extra hot with no foam and it’s only hot and has foam! WTF! The milk is scorched! The shots sat too long! I had to wait four whole minutes!”


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve served your kind before. Shouldda gone with black coffee…






3G or 4G?


My goodness, which network should I choose? What will I do without my Netflix? E-mail takes ten seconds to load. Unacceptable.


Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...






‘Nuff said.



Mac vs PC

Being Unfriended on a Social Network.






“They don’t have Hemp Oil in the organic food aisle. I have to settle for Flax Seed Oil.” And other crises related to food products because we simply have too much to choose from. 🙂