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A year ago today, I began my current position as a Dual Diagnosis counseloer. This was the transition from residential care to clinical treatment. There have been difficulties and stresses, but I am exceedingly grateful for my job. In my field. That pays well. And in which I don’t have supervision fees.

Gloria a Dios.

Today I made my first phone call in place of a text message. Felt a little constricting making it from the midst of Cubicle City. But then I have to remember that all of us cubiclites listen to each other all day and do we really care? Not really.

I’ve been mulling over life choices today, and choices given us by God. Spoiler alert, I do believe in choice and free-will. Not absolutely of course.

Choice is strange, and a little stressful. Some of the choices that have been most stressful are the ones I deliberate about the most. Instinctive choices tend to have less regret attached. Something about going with what, deep down, you know is right.

Ideally we make choices in the context of frequent prayers and diligently sought after wisdom. Hopefully we make choices motivated by faith and hope and not fear and shame. We should make choices that allow us the greatest opportunity to love other people, seeing as we have received so great a love from God.


Bless the Lord for His mercy to His people.

He has looked on us with favor and given us honor we do not deserve.

He has regarded us with dignity and lifted us up.

Bless the Lord for His gracious love.

He has given decisions to men and women

Choices to trust or not, to follow or not

To praise or mourn

To live in faith or hide in fear

To turn to the right hand or to the left

And in all things, He is there.

He has called His people to choose a course and therein rejoice.

You have called your people, O Lord, to be people of faith and people of action.

Show us, Great Redeemer, what our actions should be

And how our choices should be made.