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As soon as we arrived, I shut off my phone and promptly lost track of time. That feels really nice.
In the evening we listened to some soft music but we fell asleep to a stillness marked only by the dull hum of the ocean waves. Oceans make for wonderful white noise.
My favorite part is that I’ve been in no hurry to fill the silence with anything in particular. There’s a way that I feel more rested in this new house than I have in weeks.
Went to the LeadBest wildlife preserve. Saw an entire cove drained and muddy. Must have been the thickest quiet I’ve ever heard while outside. The absence of sound felt weird because the space was so vastly wide open. But beautiful. In an eerie sort of way.
There’s Vodka in the fridge. I want some. But I want to not need it and want that to not be the thing I reach for just because I’m on vacation.

Hands open to the Savior
Whose hands are open wide
nail-wide for me
Hands open to receive in faith
what He freely gave
love and mercy ocean deep
Sun bright is the glory of the Lord and more so
Sky wide is His embrace and further
Hands open nail wide and full of blessing
for a people, His people, the people He created.
My hands open giving praise, giving thanks
to the Savior