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I kept my phone off for most of our three day weekend. That felt good. I turned it on once or twice to see if any messages had come in, and a couple had, but I chose not to call anyone back.
The world doesn’t end just because I put my phone off for a weekend.
Now that I’m back, though, I’m calling people and making various arrangements. Called MF and JL and GS and later I’ll need to call AK and SH…instead of texts. Funny thing about phone conversations is how much more time they take. But then when you’re done, you’re done. That’s nice too.
After a weekend spent in a sparsely furnished beach house(thusly so because the owners haven’t moved in all the way yet), we decided our house is too cluttered. We don’t need so much stuff. Things don’t make us happy, in fact they cause quite a bit of anxiety. The more items you own is directly(and perhaps exponentially) proportional to the amount of time you must spent cleaning!

Question of the day is…what do you talk about with someone you’ve known for a lot of years? After you’ve had all the really important conversations. Do you just talk about silly stuff? Do you make dreams and plans?