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(This was yesterday’s post.)

Lent. Day 7.

So far I don’t miss tv and movies. Much. The thing I notice about calling people instead of texting is that them people’s slower to respond. Curious.

Instead of watching a movie, we had a lively discussion about food resources in our city and how to shop well for cheap. We might do a documentary. Then JS came over and talked about life over corn waffles. Quite a bit better than Stargate.

The spiritual discipline of fasting has now come up twice in the last month or so. Me who loves to eat and strongly advocates self-care is not such a fan of the idea. However…for the sake of further spiritual growth, I’m open to reconsidering the idea.

Taking a training about integrating health care and mental health care. Seems like an obvious principle, but you’d be surprised how much people like their segregated fields.

Why do people love segregations and strict categories? I suppose because a strict category where there’s a clear “Is and Is Not” is more easily marketed and policed. Maybe there’s an inherent security.

Why do you like categories? Or, why do you not like categories? If you have thoughts, I’d love to hear them!