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Yesterday’s mullings…

If you are in recovery, or are supporting someone in recovery, or ever have supported anyone in recovery, “Like” this post. You’ll like it. I promise. 🙂

I’m starting to get to that point in Lent(already) where I lose track of the days. Also that point where I’m getting behind on my blogging. Not the journaling, just the posting. This is a challenge I really want to overcome. As I tell people working through addictions, removing the problem behavior is an incomplete process unless a healthy behavior takes its place. For me, this season, texting is replaced by phone conversations. Watching TV and movies is supplanted by a more diligent journal habit.

For groups, I’ve been doing an exercise called The Perfect Relapse. People invent a character and take them through the relapse process backwards. Starting at the moment of the “first drink” or first use, we ask what was going one a minute before. An hour before. A day, a week, two weeks, a month, 6 months. Then we go back through the time frames and look for what our androgynous friend could have done to prevent their relapse.

What we discover is fascinating(though not entirely surprising). The single most effective factor in preventing a relapse(and overcoming an addiction) is relationships. With relationships, you have the (painful) option of being completely honest about who you are, where you’re at, what your struggles are. If you take this option, then your people are given the ability to know you and know how to help you. They can step in, speak into your life, keep you safe, give nurture. Give love.

This doesn’t work in every relationship. There may be a lack of honesty, or a lack of grace toward the one who is honest. But if both components are there, then there can be tremendous healing!

The most significant relationship is how you relate with God. If this relationship is in place, healthy and nurtured, there will be a solid foundation for all other relationships.

People relationships should never be discounted. We human-folk, being made in the image of God, are one of the most potent ways that God can reveal Himself to us. The most tangible experiences of grace and love I have experienced have been with real live people.

If you’ve got people, if you’ve got relationships, if you’ve got love…you can probably do anything.


Comfort me with Your presence, O God

You who existed before the sky and earth began their dance.

Who is ever present with those who grieve

And those who fear

Your voice whispers to those who lack understanding

And speaks to those who seek Your truth

You speak to your people and through their voices

The compassion of people shows your Love

All things speak of You and You are very near

Present everywhere

My soul takes comfort in You.