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Thursday night, we talked about being, “All in” for Jesus, that being the point where you have surrendered everything. There no longer any “you” left that is yours, leaving nothing to be offended, embarrassed, nothing left in your control. Makes me think of the spiritual ideal of “Oneness” or the loss of self. That point where you are no longer your own, but you have become so close to the One you love that you are entirely surrendered to the will of that One.
I thought about things I hold on to.
My body image
My book
Even my sexuality, in a way. I tell myself that God hasn’t seen fit to change me, but perhaps that’s because I haven’t really let Him in to do His work. If I’m really “all in” for Jesus, then I suppose I should be ready for any radical change He brings in my life.
We talked about radical actions to take in faith. I thought about declaring that I will never again enter a church unless I can safely bring my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters with me and see them welcomed, same as me. Don’t know yet how I’d actually pull that off.
I’m so bothered by the rift between the Christian and Gay communities. Why should the Christians miss out on all the richness the LGBTQ community could bring to the church? Why should the LGBTQ community have to miss out on Jesus just because sometimes they’re misunderstood? This situation is not good.