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What is the most radically loving thing I can do?
I’m starting to examine my lifestyle and decision making in light of this type of inquiry.
Last night was a Friday night spent at home with no TV media. The potential for good conversation is great. Funny thing happens, though, when you make more time for inter-relational connections. Sometimes those connections become conflicts. Some of the conflicts have been there for a while and are only now coming out because you’ve made time for them. Not exactly the glowing euphoric spiritual experience you were hoping for. And yet, surprisingly refreshing and cathartic.
Today I got to teach some kids a bit about cooking. I love volunteer work.
There were two kids that showed up that I haven’t seen for a couple months, but last time they were there, we all played Apples to Apples with a big group and had fun. When they walked in today, I remembered both their names and felt pretty excited about that. They were excited too.
If you can remember someone’s name, they will be more likely to believe you when you say you care.
Still wondering about radical love. What is the most powerful way to love someone? How can I most powerfully, effectively impact a person?

Your love is like the sun
Illuminating everything
Make me rise to greet the day
Warm and strong and free
Your love is like the wind
Rushing mighty roar
Air to fill my lungs
I breathe You in to live
Praise You for the love you give
The life You lived
And how You’re near to me
With every breath
In everything I see
God of Sun and Wind.