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First world crisis #7: Copy machines that sort but don’t collate, or collate when you want your papers sorted. And staplers that get jammed or have been mischievously left un-refilled.

I’m having a mostly cancelations day.

Last evening was delightful. After long and tiring weekends, we both had strong cravings to relax with homemade pizza and a movie. Instead we took a walk, then had homemade pizza and UpWords. In the end, we got more done, had contact with each other and I think we slept better from it.

Report is that I didn’t even grind my teeth.

I wonder how much of people’s underlying stress would go away if they spent less time looking at a screen…( which I say as I’m sitting at a computer…:P )

Other funny moment of the day was reading in Leviticus about the rituals for cleansing lepers and thinking to my literary nerd self, “This is more complicated than Poly-juice Potion!”

I like the idea of always talking to someone in a second language, if that option is available. Reason being, saying rash and reckless and irresponsible things without thinking or when angry is extremely difficult!


Have mercy on me, O God, for I am but a man

I am not wise like You

Not strong like You

I do not love like You

Have mercy on me, O God, for I call on You

To make me wiser

And more steadfast

And able to fill all my words and deeds with love from You