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Today was a long day. So long I didn’t have much time to think about anything or have any revelations. Actually that’s not completely true. I’m sure there were revelations to be found…only I didn’t take time to find them.

I know better than this. I know how essential it is to take time, take breaks, and take moments to be quiet and pray. The challenge remains how to do this and also accomplish all the tasks asked of my by my employer(for whom I am deeply grateful). This is similar to the challenge of fasting(which came up a third time recently). I’m scared to go without food for fear of being hungry. I’m scared to take time to rest for fear of being busy.

These are challenges I should rise to sometime. I’d like to see the ways in which God meets me in my hunger and meets me in my busy-ness. I hear that He does. I should taste and see.

Update on the no-movies vow: I’ve really been wanting to check-out Deep Space Nine from the library. That was my favorite of the Star Trek series and a good sci-fi show is so nice at the end of a long day! For now though, I am still enjoying all the other things I get to do because I’m not spending so much time watching tv and movies at home!!