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When Love is Behavior

We like it when our love is straight from the heart and soul and genuine and spontaneous. We like the mushy passion and candles and flowers and dancing on the beach.

I’m noticing that there are other times when you love the someone you’re with but don’t feel anything.

I’m noticing that there are often years at a time when you love the God who made you and saved you and want to life a life that proclaims His name but don’t feel anything.

Seems like sometimes you just gotta do the things you know are right. The things you know mean something to the other person. In this way, I suppose there are times when love is a behavior. And hopefully, the time will come again when love is also a feeling.



I love that we gave up media for Lent. Love it, love it, love it!! But be warned if you aspire to a similar lifestyle choice. You take away your distractions and your vices and all you have left is the other person. You exchange your “media” rut for a “board games” rut and when you get bored with that you talk. And it’s great! You learn who the other person is and remember why you love them. In the process, though, if there is anything unresolved, it will come up.