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I’m having very strong anxiety and headaches.

There were many thoughts over the last two days and most of them blurred together. I’m gonna break this up into a couple little entries.


Why Stories are Important

I experience high anxiety. I have deep insecurities. Often times I tend to feel alone in my struggles.

This results in looking at people one of two ways.

I sometimes project my insecurities and discontentments onto others. I am insecure and question life and experience discontentment so I assume that all the other men my age feel the same things I do. I assume this unless they tell me otherwise.


Because some people have shared their stories with me, I know I’m not alone in my struggles. There are others with anxiety, depression, insecurity, addictions, etc. I’m not alone. Yay!


Knowing this, I then will look at “happy” people and think to myself that they can’t really be happy. They must be hiding something or ignoring something or just aren’t willing to open up about their struggles.

I know my perception is not accurate. And I know that I didn’t open up right away either. Certain people long ago had to work very intentionally to create a safe place for me to open up to others. I’m now on the other side of that process where I’m the one creating a space for others. I need to remember that I need to allow them time to enter that space.

All that’s to say…

This is why I believe stories are so important. When I tell my story, you get to know who I really am. When you tell me your story, I get to know who you really are. If I never heard anyone’s story, I would falsely assume that either I am alone in my insecurities and discontentments, or that everyone has the same insecurities and discontentments as me.

Neither are true. Everyone is individual. I need to allow this.

Still though…when a person is truly happy, what’s their secret?

What makes you happy?

What are things you’re trying to figure out about life? Leave a short comment and like this post and we’ll have more conversation!