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First World Crisis #9: Staplers that Jam and do not get refilled by the lovely people answering the office phones.

Started writing the back story for my main character. Had a hard time with this one, maybe because I put more pressure on myself to write him well than him than the others. He carries so much of the story after all…

Then I remembered what his crisis is. When writing a character, it’s important to give him or her an internal crisis that becomes their motive and gets them into conflicts. Their search of a resolution for their inner crisis determines all their actions and words throughout the story and makes them much more relatable and believable.

In this case, the character’s crisis is that he doesn’t know who he is or where he belongs.

Once I remembered that, I could start writing myself into his story. His feelings are more authentic because they’re things that I’ve felt. I know the things he does because I know what I have done and would have done.

I found a way to understand the character. That’s how I’m able to write him well.

The story I’m writing has seven main characters. My goal is to relate on a deep level with all seven of them. Believe it or not, this is not as hard as it sounds. Most people have quite a few facets that are all interesting and, when exaggerated, can make a decent personality. I’m no different.

Sometime, try this! Look deep inside and pull out your two most contradictory aspects. Blow each of those aspects out of proportion, give them a name and a backstory and you’ve got two characters. Put them next to each other in a closed space and you’ve got a conflict. See how they resolve it, and you’ve got a story. And because both characters are based off a part of yourself, you already know how to write them.

I love stories.

Lenten update.

Long day today. Many conversations, but not so many crises. Still having cravings to indulge in an entire season of Deep Space Nine, but instead went out for burritos with another friend who also rides a bicycle everywhere. Came home and did writing. In the end, I am much more satisfied and rested.

I get so much more done when I’m not always watching a show.