Those days when you wake up with Justin Bieber in your head…
Obligatory Portland rain rant…though in its defense, at least the weather knew what it was doing today and I knew what to wear!
I’m so behind on all my work…

Crazy couple of last few days! Hence no Lent posts. But, now I’m back.
Still no texting; that’s not been super hard, though the not-texting has made me really notice how I share humor and little moments with people. I’ve received a couple texts from a couple different people lately just sharing random fun moments or observations on the world. I end up not replying because a humorous moment(apparently) doesn’t warrant a full conversation.
On the other hand, I’m left with desires to call these people and have real conversations.
I suppose not having the texting option makes me want to be efficient with my time and words and make every conversation count and I deep down know that if I call some of these people, we’ll have a long conversation, because honestly I don’t talk to them enough.
In response to the text my brother sent me though…man, I really hope someone isn’t still working at the GAP at the Rogue Valley Mall after ten years…
Still not watching shows or movies at home. This continues to be an enlightening and challenging process. We as a couple are continually pushed to find good and meaningful ways of de-stressing and connecting and otherwise amusing ourselves.
Funny story though. Months ago, I put the new The Amazing Spider-Man on reserve on the library because I loved it so. This is the week that it arrived at the library. And I picked it up! I can’t watch it now, but I think timing will work out so I can watch it after Easter.
Really though, I want to maintain the practice of relaxing in ways other than visual media. Ways that are mindful and intentional and engage the mind and relationships and creativity. Not that I’ll never watch a show again because I most certainly will, but I’d like to limit my use of media.