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This week hasn’t turned out like I expected. However, I’m not complaining. I’ve ended up spending more time with family and with people than on my computer. To say I consciously made this choice would not be a whole truth. More accurate is to say that these were the people presented to me and I chose not to fight against the flow of the situations.

My wife wanted to spend time with me.

A new friend wanted to go bouldering.

And old friend wanted to talk about major life changes.

I’ve barely touched my book and I haven’t managed to make a journal entry for each day, these being the last days of Lent.

Other things are unfolding differently for me too. I haven’t been able to do all the exercise and yoga that I’ve wanted, but I’ve been allowing myself to sleep a little more. I find that when I’m well rested, my outlook on life skyrockets.

What is the way of peace? What is the better way to live? This way begins with small choices we make each day about how we spend our time. Where we put our bodies. How we care for our bodies, souls, and the bodies and souls of those around us.

The better way to live is with people. Sharing loving words. Resting together, working through things together.

At times, the artist in me wants to hide away from the world and create long streams of words and splashes of color and only come out once in a while for a breath of rainy air. This sounds appealing after a long stressful day. Really, though, good art is based off of people-interactions. The most enriching  comfort for stress comes through relationships.

People were not mean to be isolated. I could never live completely on my own and I’m thankful that I don’t have to.