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Today is one of the first warm and sunny Saturday’s of spring. One of the first days I’m able to bike in just an A-shirt. So beautiful! So many colors and smells I haven’t perceived in many months. So many sights, not the least of which is all the people.
I laugh to myself every spring at all the cyclists coming out after a long winter absence. The one perk to biking in the dead of winter is that the bike paths and roadways are not at all crowded.
Lenten musings. My fasts are over in less than 48 hours. I already have plans for how I will break them. They most likely involve The Amazing Spider-Man and texting people I haven’t talked to in over 40 days because I only text them. On that level, I wonder what was the point of the fasting, if I’m just going to eagerly go back to my old ways.
Except that I don’t want to just go idly back. I like the discipline of calling people and the dynamics of encountering their voices and not just their digital words. I would like to still talk to people voice to voice whenever possible, which I’m finding, is just about always possible.
I really liked not having tv and movies in my life and head and schedule. Even just on a time-saving note. The last month and a half has been so hectic and busy and I didn’t feel like I ever had enough time to do all the things I wanted to do and certainly not do them well. And that was without taking a couple hours every evening to watch a show! I think my sanity might suffer if I tried to fit that same time commitment back into the routine.
Does that mean I’ll never watch TV again? Of course not! I have season 1 of Deep Space Nine coming in at the library! But I’ll definitely be working  to better arrange my time. Priority should always go first to people, second to creativity. Only after all sorts of self and other-care has been fulfilled should I seek the absolute mental escape afforded by visual media.
That’s my resolution. I’m sure I’ll need some friendly reminders to stick to my words.