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I’m excited for Easter. Excited for what the day means. Really excited to celebrate with my faith community.
The meaning of the day is that God is alive. Alive because first He died. The reason for His dying being so He could appease the wrath of God(let’s just skip the trinitarian discussion for now…) All of this meaning that God is not angry anymore. People can approach God freely. We can have relationship with our Creator. We can be at peace with Him and creation and other people. We can be restored to the life for which He created us.
I’m excited to share this day with a community. All of us together approaching the same God with the same liturgical tools. Us becoming connected in deep ways as we remember and celebrate those deeply cherished beliefs we have in common. This sort of connectedness is so important. Without connection, without relationship, the human soul withers and shrivels and dies. One of the greatest manifestations of a real and living relationship with God is our capacity to have meaningful relationship with each other.
Let us pursue each other with Holy love. Let us nurture each other with diligent compassion. Let us be present with each other in all things, in all fortune and trial. Let us celebrate each others strengths and give support for the other’s weakness. Let us search out the image of God in our sister and brother and rejoice in how God will speak to us through His people around us.

Blessed be God who lives.
The Creator who gave His life.
Blessed be Jesus who walked with us
The Beautiful one who made Himself our sacrifice.
Blessed be the Spirit of god who breathes
and moves in hearts and souls to knit together
all who have been made alive in the love of God.