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Most people who earnestly desire change can overcome most of their obstacles most of the time with sufficient help. People who earnestly engage in a recovery process can overcome most of their vices after some time and work.

Even the most devout recovered people, though, still retain at least one persistent struggle that never goes completely away. Like Achilles, we have many strengths and we can conquer almost anything. But then there is that heel. That one place where we’re still vulnerable If we’re not careful to address it, this “heel” could be our undoing. Achilles dies for failing to protect his heel. May our journeys have different endings.

Things easy to overcome are not a challenges. Vices easy to quit do not have a true hold on us. But every person has one thing that will always be a problem. An addiction, problem behavior, a character defect, an illness. The thing you think of first when shit hits the fan, when you’re lonely, bored and wanting cheap instant comfort.

We are faced, then, with a lifelong choice. Embrace the thing. Ignore the thing. Fight the thing. Love it. Hate it. Fear it. Spit on it. Stay in the struggle to be better. Give up and let your thing be your master. Be bound by your nature or make your nature what you believe it should be.

Everyone has a challenge that will either destroy them or unlock their greatness. This last remaining struggle is the one that matters. How we struggle with face the incurable vice is the measure of our character.

I suppose, then, the challenge is to continue the struggle and not give in to that thing that would destroy you. That is the way of peace.