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Why do we love others? Why are we kind? Why do we give of ourselves to other people?

Is it because we like them? Because they are “ours” in some way? Because we hope to get something from them? Perhaps because we are trying to influence them in some way?

Love like this is not love. This is attachment which leads to seeking for power and control. Love like this is based on the way you interact with the person or the way the person interacts with you. If the way the person respond to you ever changes, that could be grounds for the love to change or to end.

Enduring love that is unconditional is given to another person simply because they are alive. The other person is an eternal soul that wants to be at peace and overcome suffering. If we can love people because we are Human together and striving for many of the same things, regardless of how we interact or how they respond to us, this then is enduring love.


“Genuine compassion is much healthier; it is unbiased and it is based on reason. By contrast, attachment is narrow-minded and biased.”

The Dalai Lama