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So I’d heard of Rachel Held Evans. Heard her hyped and trashed. Once I found her name lumped together with Marc Driscoll and Rob Bell(and I like Rob Bell but am still figuring out Mark Driscoll so that seemed a confusing grouping). Then there was something about a meltdown.

And the immature part of my mind started to lazily lump RHE into the nebulous category of people who I don’t care for so much…

Then I took the time to read some of her blog and I’m so glad I did! Now that I know her work a bit better, I’m very excited that her voice is out in the blogosphere and I think I love her. Just a little. Writer to writer. Like I love Brenee Brown.

Man, if the two of those ladies ever put on a conference together…

I appreciate the work RHE does in calling attention areas where the Christian community as a whole can and should be growing.  My brief survey of her words indicates someone who is thoughtful and bold and makes every endeavor to present a balanced, yet poignant idea.

I suppose I have a bias; RHE addresses issues related to sexuality, gender and women’s rights and calls for change in the church regarding these things, and all of these things are matters very dear to me as well.

The moral of my story is that, once again, first impressions lied. For me, they almost always have. Anytime I haven’t really liked someone and then gotten to know their story, I always come away really liking them!

The concept here is to communicate directly with a person about a thing. In my story here, this looks like reading the RHE blog for myself. In real life situations, this means talking with the person you don’t understand, talking to the person you don’t agree with, talking to the person who offended you, talking to the person you wish would go away, but won’t.

Talk. Don’t call, don’t e-mail nor FB nor tweet and absolutely do not text! Use your words and your face. Get present with the person and have an authentic encounter with another human being. It’s very difficult to dislike a person once you really know them.