About a Journey


This is the story about a man who loves men

And the woman he married

The baby they made together

And the Jesus he met as a child.

He walks between worlds

Hoping those worlds will one day meet

And talk

And help each other grow

Like friends who love each other.


I wanted to be the one with all the profound thoughts. Talk about peace and love and relationships, get people thinking. What I’m finding is that I am not nearly as wise or profound as I thought. I don’t have the answers I want, nor do I even have all the questions.

But I do have life thoughts about ordinary things that happen every day. And some things not so ordinary.

I don’t want to feel alone and I don’t want people who are like me to feel like they’re alone. So I’m going back to what I know best.

Story telling.

Particularly mine.

Hoping someday I get to hear yours.


I believe that peace is possible.  Even necessary.  Attaining it takes work and quite a bit of cleverness and above all the presence of God.  I see what happens to people who are not at peace and I see the kind of world they create.  I want to see that change.

I will pursue peace on four fronts.

Peace with God.

Peace with myself.

Peace with others.

Peace with the environment around me.

Searching for peace will inevitably mean becoming aware of conflicts.  I will have to face conflicts and embrace them in order to better understand and resolve them.  I will search for how I must change.  When I see how others must change, I will endeavor to help them see how.

This blog will be a record of my journey for all to see.  I invite the reader to partner with me, join in the discussion, and journey with me…

4 thoughts on “About a Journey”

  1. beautiful

  2. Tom Janus said:

    I enjoy reading your stories..there’s a simplicity to them that draws me in, and there is so much to question and learn from.

  3. Hey, thanks for the follow mate. Blessings to you. -Ant

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